Pipe repair solutions

Millions of kilometers of pipelines are spread all over the world and the 3R's- Repair, Removal and Replace are important facets of the cross country pipeline day to day operation.

Increasing emphasis is being placed on repairing and upgrading older lines and requalifying them for present or higher operating pressure. For new installation, emergency repair tool stock have to be established in term to increase the safety and the availability of the pipe lines.

Based on 40 years of experience, Piping Technologies have developed a complete range of repair products dedicated to Oil and Gas applications: ''Couplings'' and ''Split sleeves''.

Split sleeves are widely for making repairs to a variety of high or low pressure and high or low temperature pipeline, including oil, water, gas, steam and chemical process. The clamp halves are joined by bolts to form an high integrity pressure vessel around the damaged or leaking pipe. Sealing is provided by molded elastomer seals of the highest quality selected for compatibility with the pipeline product and operating temperature. The Split sleeve may also be welded after installation to effect a permanent seal if conditions justify the additional expense. Split sleeve cast are designed for faster, easier installation. It may be completely seal-welded with pipe line in operation.

All Piping Technologies Split sleeves are designed to be welded unless otherwise specified.

General description

Clamp/Split sleeve - MA9 Type

High pressure repair clamps

  • Standard working pressure is 10Mpa (1450psi)
    Other pressure can be offered upon on request
  • Higher or lower working pressure, longer length and
    other sizes are available on request
  • Nitrile (NBR or Buna N) gasket is our standard
  • A static seal clamp with seal support rings to prevent
    extrusion at high pressures
  • Active Length :
    2'' to 12'' : 140mm
    14'' and over : 203,5mm
    (Other Active length can be offered upon on request)
  • All kind of steel grade
  • Our latest achievement : 02 to 08 Class 1500# (255 bar)
    Viton Gasket and Bolting PTFE coated

Bill of material

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